Executive Team

IPRG’s professionals each have more than 25 years of experience in the interest and penalty recovery field. Some have prior IRS experience, others come from corporate and/or private practice backgrounds. In addition to IRS and corporate tax backgrounds, our team members have worked with several Big 4 accounting firms, Milbank-Tweed and the TAARP Group (both before and after it was spun off from KPMG in 2005). We are speakers, authors, panel discussion members and expert witnesses. Several of us have completed post-graduate programs such as MBA-Taxation and Juris Doctorate programs.

Because of our breadth of backgrounds, we know first-hand:

  1. How to deal effectively and efficiently with the IRS and other agencies;
  2. How valuable your time is as a corporate tax executive or other professional seeking assistance; and
  3. How to combine all of the theories and practice efficiencies gained through decades of experience at other firms to offer the most thorough, accurate, efficient and non-invasive interest and penalty recovery service possible.
  4. How to complete an engagement while requiring the least amount of time and information from you and your staff.